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21 July, 2011@5:03 pm

It’s called Legitmix… Read on….

For the first time ever, Diplo and Mad Decent can sell works made using copyrighted music without having to go through the often costly and time consuming music clearance process. This breakthrough is made possible by the revolutionary Legitmix platform. With a few mouse clicks, you can recreate an artist’s DJ set, remix, or sample-based song on your computer using your own copies of the copyrighted music they used. The recreated music files are automatically imported into your music library. Artists can now create freely, generate sales of the music they sample and give fans a new way to support their work. Visit to learn more.

Mad Decent’s first release using Legitmix is Mad Legit, a 40-minute Diplo DJ set and its 9 exclusive remixes, including Rusko’s rework of Tupac’s “California Love”, DJ Alvaro’s take on “Que Que” by Dillon Francis and Diplo feat. Maluca, a Mad Decent dubstep remix of Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now” and Paul Devro’s moombahton mash-up of Belle Epoque’s disco classic “Miss Broadway” with Munchi’s “Sandungueo”. With trademark Diplo drops and blends, Mad Legit puts you in the mix from the comfort of your own laptop and steps up your music library with the tracks selected by Diplo.

The price of Mad Legit is $3.00 plus the retail cost of the 14 copyrighted tracks needed to recreate the Diplo DJ set and its 9 remixes on your computer. The browser-based Legitmix software searches your hard drive for the copyrighted tracks so you only need to buy the ones you don’t already have. The more music you own, the more you save. You can buy the missing tracks directly from Legitmix or from your favorite online music store. It costs $1 to recreate any of the individual remixes. Visit to preview Mad Legit and its remixes and sources.

Over 300 Mad Decent fans participated in a private beta prior to the launch of Mad Legit. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve always loved listening to DJ mixes,” commented Mad Decent fan Eric Payayo, “mainly to hear the hand-picked tracks and to experience the mix as a whole. Whether the mix contains artist originals or custom DJ remixes/edits, I like how Legitmix provides fans like me access to their musical creation, track by track.” Mad Decent label manager Jasper Goggins added, “Legitmix gives fans a new way to learn about Mad Decent music and support their favorite artists. I look forward to seeing how this all turns out.”


Legitmix was founded in 2009 by a team of Canadian engineers and scientists. Seed financing of $1.2M came from angel investors and funded the development of the Legitmix algorithm. Legitmix recently opened a New York office to work closely with the music community it empowers. The company’s goal is to deliver on the promise of copyright: to encourage artistic freedom while protecting a creator’s right to profit from their work. Watch for more on the Legitmix story.

Sounds great on paper, but will it work? One issue the software does not account for is artists “allowing” their music to be remixed, mashed-up, or mixed. Some don’t like the idea of their song “touching” another. And what about artists that still haven’t got with the digital age (ahem, ACDC)? And of course, this assumes we paid for every song on our respective hard drives… Well see… In the meantime, check out the Mad Legit mix below….

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7 Responses to "Diplo May Have Found A Legal Loophole To Sample Anything"
  • TomL says:

    RIAA is going to have a heart attack

  • Dayz says:

    LOL! Yea I could see that but this is a very interesting development…

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