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25 July, 2011@3:25 pm

Necro recently announced that he will team with Kool G. Rap for a full-length LP called The Godfathers. This is the first time Necro has collaborated with another emcee on a full-length LP, and the project will be produced entirely by Necro, with additional executive production from Domingo. The album is not finished yet, but they will announce a release date upon completion.

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16 Responses to "Kool G. Rap and Necro Team To Form "The Godfathers""
  • TomL says:

    I kind of hope that Necro doesn’t grab the mic on this album

  • Tom says:

    This could turn out pretty awesome.

  • k4nc3r says:

    I was excited first, but thinking on this now, what can Necro say on the mic that he hasn’t run into the ground over the past decade. Haven’t heard anything interesting from him in a long time, and I don’t see how adding g rap changes the dynamic. Here’s to hoping..

  • Tom says:

    To k4nc3r, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over 90 percent of emcees only have only a few subject matters they can stuck too. The same could be said about G rap.

  • As soon as I saw this I thought the same thing as far as hoping Necro does more producing than rapping on this album, but then again he might just come super hungry being on tracks with G Rap.

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