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25 July, 2011@3:25 pm

Necro recently announced that he will team with Kool G. Rap for a full-length LP called The Godfathers. This is the first time Necro has collaborated with another emcee on a full-length LP, and the project will be produced entirely by Necro, with additional executive production from Domingo. The album is not finished yet, but they will announce a release date upon completion.

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16 Responses to "Kool G. Rap and Necro Team To Form "The Godfathers""
  • jack in the box says:

    If this was a Necro producing, Kool G rapping type of deal, I might get excited.

  • doey says:

    necro is and has been a very serious emcee. distinctive voice, original delivery, entertaining lyrics, technically proficient, crazy references. niggas that talk shit on his mic skills could never come dope on the mic. if you can’t recognize the man’s talent, you probably have no talent yourself. g rap thinks he’s dope, but you know better? righhhht. kool g is the best to ever do it, and he’s necro’s idol. if you think necro is gonna half ass this shit, wait till it drops. i’m thinking it’ll be the sharpest necro we ever hear. necro will get a charge working with g, and g will get a charge working with nec. win win. cop it when it drops, rap needs shit like this.

  • DJ Goods says:

    Hip hop needs this right now. Look at Smif ‘N Wessun’s “Monumental” album as an example. The combo of Tek and Steele with exclusive Pete Rock beats worked well, in my opinion. I’m hoping same could be said with G Rap flowing to Necro productions. Throw in KRS-ONE’s collabo with Marley Marl from a few years ago and you start to see a trend brewing with legendary MC’s teaming up with equally legendary producers for full length albums. Maybe Nas over RZA beats is next or Jay-Z dropping an entire LP with only Preemo tracks. Or how about if Jeru the Damaja returned with beats by Large Pro? One can only dream.

  • sofakingsmart says:

    If this was g rap with the lyrics, and necro strictly on the boards, I’d be thirsty to pre-order this here.BTW, g rap is getting paid for this. He’s not doing this because he thinks necro is “dope” on the mic. Sure, he’ll say it now. $$$$

  • Unicron says:

    If you listen to “Mutilate The Beat” you can clearly hear that Necro is a G Rap disciple. G Rap primarily writes about the mafia and Necro primarily writes about murder. Sometimes it may feel as if they’re beating a dead horse but they both have crazy word-play and the beauty in what that they do is how they keep coming up with different ways to relay those same themes without recycling rhymes. Pigeonholing/knowing your lane; sometimes there’s very little difference and that may be left up to eye of the beholder. For those that tout Eminem as the great white hope of hip hop; they’re usually the same ones that have never heard of Apathy, Necro, Non Phixion, Copywrite, Action Bronson, 7L and Esoteric, Edan, Virtuoso, Cage, R.A., etc.
    Now that I’ve got that off my chest: G Rap’s later material has lacked in my opinion because there wasn’t anyone like Marley Marl there to match a beat to his abilities. In my opinion, Necro’s production skills are slept on because he always comes with something grimy & it’s heavy on the boom bap like I like it. With somebody like G Rap in the booth I know Necro’s going to put on his A game as far as the beats are concerned. As far as the lyrics, I picture it as a sensei and his star pupil going toe to toe. They’re going to feed off of each other’s energy and I think with the proper promotion (this project deserves a crazily enthusiastic street team) this album will be a game changer.

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