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29 July, 2011@10:02 pm

Skyzoo is the latest emcee to check-in on Jay and Kanye’s “Otis” instrumental.

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LISTEN: Skyzoo – “Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)”

Skyzoo – “Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)”

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13 Responses to "Skyzoo – "Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)""
  • @A/DC/B: yeah i agree with you on the quality control of a “fresstyled” rap but at the same time the true meaning of the word has been blurred over the months, years and decades…for example when people ask me to freestyle i kick whatever comes to my head and yeah maybe some words will be over used and maybe it wouldnt be as seamless as if i pulled out my blackberry and spit a free verse from there…i believe DJ Green Lantern even praised “blackberry rap” (i just now coined that phrase…copyright bitches) because he said as long as the raps dope it doesnt matter…that is very true to a degree but from a technical/traditional stand point its all wrong…almost like street ball vs. NBA ball…traditionalist will look down at that but the modern rapper wouldnt care as long as what they say and/or said was “hot”…but like the old saying goes “your 1st impression is always ur best impression”

  • Dayz says:

    You all have very valid points! …The thing is in my world there are two equal parts to being a well rounded emcee 1 half writer 1 half freestyler. Many will disagree but to me being a “true” emcee means you have to be proficent at both. Personally not to toot my own horn but I train both sides of the art equally. I write all the time but also freestyle by myself, with friends/collegues or with strangers on the street. Do any of you agree with me that to be a total package emcee you need to be a master of both? I know many people will say f a freestyle as long as I have a hit song… To me your success means nothing, I am honestly only concerned with talent and artform so using success as an excuse isn’t a valid arguement with me. LEt me know yalls! Appreciate the discussion!

  • KC says:

    This is a generational thing, for sure. To me, freestyles are completely spontaneous – the greatest freestyle I ever saw was Supernatural opening up for Jurassic 5, and he just had people in the crowd hold up objects, he would take them from their hands, rhyme about it, and move on to the next one. Now, that’s certainly a practiced skill – there’s only a finite number of things people are bringing to a show (no one is showing up will a full turkey, or a file cabinet), but it was still very impressive to see.

    One of my students (7th grader) was screwing around and writing a “rap song” about ancient Greece for extra credit in social studies. He asked me if I wanted to hear his “freestyle”, and pulled out a piece of paper. I told him that if he wrote it, it wasn’t a freestyle, it was a written song. He argued with me for a good ten minutes, back and forth.

    It doesn’t mean to them what it means to us.

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