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29 July, 2011@10:02 pm

Skyzoo is the latest emcee to check-in on Jay and Kanye’s “Otis” instrumental.

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LISTEN: Skyzoo – “Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)”

Skyzoo – “Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)”

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13 Responses to "Skyzoo – "Boat Check In (Otis Freestyle)""
  • jack in the box says:

    Dude sounds hungry, but yeah not a fan of the fad.

  • when will the madness end with all of these covers??? at least Skyzoo renamed the track and tried to do something more original to the beat instead of your standard “freestyle”…also these alleged “freestyles” sound super pre-written and rehearsed to the point where the meaning of freestyling is completely lost in the shuffle…rappers keep it real and say its a cover of the song with your own interportation sheesh im having a Pack FM moment (i fucking hate rappers) hahaha

  • Dayz says:

    I want to know what you guy’s opinion is on the true meaning of “freestyle”. To me a freestyle is a verse that is completely made up on the spot. I have been arguing about this since the 90s! If a freestyle truly is on the spot then my gut tells my 95% of the rappers out there from a-listers to backpackers can’t do it! I have never heard even Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, no one ever really freestyle it’s always planned in advance! I saw an interview with Big Daddy Kane and he tried to claim that to “freestyle” is to kick a verse free of style or concept and on the spot rapping is called “off the dome”. Sorry Kane you are a legend but to me, and no one will change my opinion, “freestyle” means on the spot or off the dome… What’s your opinion??? I am really curious as this debate has been on going forever…

  • @Dayz: to me it always meant kicking rhymes off the top of dome with fuck ups included for authenticity but nowadays people dont want to show any flaws in their game so they come crazy pre-written to the point where “freestyles” mean whatever u wrote on the blackberry at the moment or even a free verse that wasnt written for any particular beat…the meaning has been fucked up for the longest time and now its at its worst where rappers have no shame in pulling out the blackberry to sound dope…keep it real like Andre 3000 said he doesnt freestyle he’s a song writer….and theres nothing wrong with being a song writer but leave the freestyling alone if u cant do it….my 2 cents

  • A/DC/B says:

    I agree with Kane on that, except that I’d say it’s a little of both. I always understood a freestyle, especially something spit in a radio station studio, to be something new that crushes whatever the emcee has out in public circulation at the time and may pop up elsewhere later on, or a routine swirling around in the rapper’s head that is all but written at that point (technically off the head I guess), with some spontaneous stuff thrown in for more flavor. Quality off the dome rapping is so rare that I’d personally rather be entertained with a new written verse than cringe through a bunch of cliches thrown together on the spot.

    The new fad to me is instantaneous over-saturation of shit no one even asked or indicated a desire for yet. Played, but probably here to stay at this point.

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