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18 August, 2011@3:34 pm

Jim reveals plans to resuscitate the Fly Boys project that him and Cam set out to do in the early Diplomats days.

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5 Responses to "Jim Jones on Fly Boys Album w/ Cam’ron (Video)"
  • TomL says:

    Its those homie sexuals again

  • Dayz says:

    Meh… Never cared for these dude’s music… Cam had a couple hits back in the 90s but that’s about it…

  • co sign….Dip Set was dope in the 2000′s but now….its a different beast and they lost a majority of their fan base but at least we’re guaranteed some dope beats hahaha

  • Also i just now noticed that him and cam are going under the Fly Boy group name…which is strange because on Dip Set West they already have a group called the Fly Boyz from the west coast?!? weird…lets see how everything plays out shall we hahaha

  • WuBrotha#1 says:

    I still can’t get over how Jim was a hypeman with some weird ass hair and wardrobe for Cam during the Confessions of Fire album/era. I remember seeing him in Horse and Carriage and wondering, is this Camrons Flava Flav?

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