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by Pizzo
30 August, 2011@12:38 pm


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8 Responses to "The Game Gives Tips On How To Eat Chicken Wings"
  • jack in the box says:

    This dude is a sad clown, straight up.

  • P.B. says:

    Whats the next lesson?? How to eat a watermelon? ;)
    He didnt even eat half of them wings….

  • TomL says:

    Next one is on how to sit on a dildo

  • BrucePtheGod says:

    Who knew eating chicken needed an explanation ? I’ve never been a big Game fan. A few tracks off his first album, but that was it. I think it’s more or less over for this dude.

  • Arsenal18 says:

    Really? In 2011, a black man makes a video about eating chicken wings. What’s the next stereotypical video, “How to make Grape Kool-Aid”? There is no need to have a sign saying “Go to the back of the bus”. These negroes go there on their own. I’m embarassed for him.

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