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1 September, 2011@6:54 am

Today, mtvU premiered David’s latest video for “Take A Picture.” The video was conceived by Special Problems (production company behind Alicia Key’s HP commercial) and sees 7 different directors/animators interpreting 7 parts of the song. Each person was given a segment of the song and access to David Dallas. A few rules were put in place. Each scene was to be shot on a different format: 16mm film, VHS, Stop Motion, 3d Animation, and during the creation of the video, the directors were not allowed to know what each other were doing. The result is a series of beautiful, very different images pieced together to make the video.

David Dallas is currently working on his ‘Rose Tint’ Deluxe album that will be available on November 8th through Dawn Raid Ent / Dirty Management / Duck Down Music.

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3 Responses to "David Dallas "Take A Picture" (Video)"
  • khordkutta says:

    happened to catch part of it today, the song didnt hold my attention long enough for me to see any of the changes…LOL

  • TomL says:

    very interesting.. some of the seemed like they could be a commercial… especially the one with a cat… lol

  • Dirty Dee says:

    So….Duck Down (ignoring this video)…how about that new Black Moon album???

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