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Here is another one from the HipHopSite.Com promotional CD series. This dates back to 2004, given away free here on HHS with J’s A Job Ain’t Nothin’ But Work album pre-orders – only 1000 copies were pressed. J writes:
After years of legend and fable, the GO-RILLA PIMP$ album I$ here! This album was recorded in one night, under the heavy influence of Bacrdi Limon, Billy Dee (aka Colt 45), the movie American Pimp and some Too $hort, Big Tymer$, and Suga Free CD’s. Fuck a good mixdown, fuck creative production techniques, fuck gettin it tight. We just made some typical funk beats, hit the booth drunk, and tried to have fun and talk some shit. Fuck edits, punch-ins, EQ, creative concepts and all that shit. Once in a while you need to do something unartistic and clear your head! Half of y’all will probably take this project too serious and say “ooooh, it’s not as creative as Music For Tu Madre, he fell off”. Ya’ll need to chill the fuck out. This is me and Dick Stallion buggin’ in the studio, right after I finished recording “Fight Club” with Al-Shid and Huggy. So stop bitchin’, get a drink and pop this bad boy in ya system, But be warned… I mixed this album drunk in one night in one take, so your speakers might blow if you don’t adjust them song for song. Be glad u have this, cause it’s NEVER coming out commercially. But Volume 2 is gonna be on MTV! And as much as this album was just a joke to us, it’s still better than your favorite rapper’s real abum…BITCH!!!

J-Zone Presents Go-Rilla Pimp$ “Hotter Than Fishgrease (Vol. One)”

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1 Responses to "HHS Promo Archive: J-Zone Presents Go-Rilla Pimp$ "Hotter Than Fishgrease (Vol. One)""
  • King Tim Dog II says:

    ironically this is the greatest J-Zone album

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