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M1 and friends go in on the president. From Soundtrack To The Struggle due October 16th.

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8 Responses to "Lowkey – "Obama Nation" (feat. M1 of Dead Prez + Black The Ripper) (Video)"
  • A/DC/B says:

    Nice to see Lowkey blowing up, or at least getting some attention here.

  • BigMarc220 says:

    It all sounds so good… Does not, however address the complexity of any of the situations it is daring to “enlighten us” about — most of which have roots that go back to before Obama was born. Does not address the fact that no one in the political arena wants him to succeed (some even on the democratic side) and The KKK or excuse me, the GOP wants his black ass out of the White House altogether just on the basis of his race. Young niggas like this were no where to be found when Bush was crashing the country. Blame the kat that we hired to fix the shit tho.

    Youngsters have to have somewhere to aim their hot-air theories and angry rhetoric. Whatever. Never thought black folks would turn on this man in quite this way, but this really isn’t surprising at all when you think about it. We never could stick together in the first place!!! Wonder why that is. PHUCK THIS SONG… And I usually dig dead prez.

  • Vandellish says:

    @ Big Marc…
    Dead Prez ain’t turnin on Obama. I don’t think they ever supported him. Neither did I because I knew who was behind him. Dems vs. Repubs is a joke because they are controlled by the same people (AIPAC, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma etc…) The truth is that most folks who support Obama are simply die-hard democrats who falsely project their own values onto him or blacks who are simply unquestioning supporters and their support of him is rooted in race and/or the fact that he looks/sounds the part of a leader.

    You are correct that this song doesn’t get to the nuts and bolts of his policies or their history but let’s take a look at the major issues that he ran on:

    Close Gitmo – FAIL
    Get troops out of Iraq – He simply renamed the troops as ‘training’ troops as opposed to ‘combat’ troops…uh FAIL
    Create Jobs – This is almost directly related to NAFTA which he still supports so…FAIL
    Find an End Game for Afghanistan – He’s expanded it so…Epic FAIL
    Health Care – He really only helped the insurance companies and we still don’t have a public option, let alone a single payer so…FAIL
    Help Education – Education is becoming more and more privatized so…FAIL

    We won’t even start on standing up to Israel or doing anything for the black community because his supporters will just say that he’s not the ‘blacks only’ President, blah, blah.

    Obama’s simply a guy that’s good at getting elected (re-elected?) but he’s not just continued but EXPANDED just about all of the Bush doctrine (Gitmo, Patriot Act, Global Tax, 4 simultaneous wars, Corporate Bailouts, etc…).
    You’re right about one thing though…I don’t want him to succeed especially when his definition of success is to give Wall Street everything they want, not prosecute the previous administration’s war crimes out of fear, borrow ridiculous $ for war and bankrupt the country just to satisfy big oil (building their TAPI pipeline) and fulfill NATO’s geopolitical aspirations and continue to outsource all of America’s manufacturing jobs so as to satisfy ‘free enterprise.’
    No thanks. But thanks for reading.

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