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A few Great Lakes didn’t stop Low Budget Collective affiliate Hassaan Mackey and Mello Music Group’s Apollo Brown from connecting to bake Daily Bread. The New York MC and Michigan bred producer offered fifteen strong, emotion evoking tracks this summer; give or take a few interludes. Their integration is seamless – Brown provides a musical plane that travels beyond region, and Mackey represents as the voice of the under-served.

Although sparse it is the interludes that keep this adventure on course as a thematic guide for the listener. The Daily Bread intro alludes to the meal we’re about to receive, along with a thirst quencher to wash it down. Midway “Different World” speaks to the choices we face in a changeable society, and to wrap things up “Heroes” reminds us we don’t have many. Brown manipulates soul samples; some familiar, but coupled with Mackey’s hard knock messaging introduces a fresh perspective.

Ears will perk up at the melodious “Something” in which Mackey addresses nostalgia, sparing specifics to keep it universally relatable. “Megaphone” magnifies a harder sound from Brown, with gutsy horns and brolic boom bap drums to match. Mackey in turn attacks it with a harder flow, portraying the perils of the hood. Also a standout is the Finale assisted “Higher” where a lolling sax lays the foundation of despair and brighter strings symbolize the optimism that prevails in Mackey’s storytelling. The project ends on a high note with the grandiose sounding “Like A Diamond,” featuring nods to the original thug poet Nas on the hook as well within the bars.

The album plays out in around 40 minutes; none of the tracks quite hitting the four minute mark. Brown and Mackey’s brevity may leave some searching for closure. For most however, Daily Bread is just about right. A perfect portion; both satisfying and nutritious.

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2 Responses to "Apollo Brown + Hasaan Mackey – "Daily Bread" – @@@@"
  • ozi battla says:

    this has been a much under looked l.p thus shit burns my ear drums.

  • Chad says:

    Took em long enough to review this, I’d give it @@@@ 1/4

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