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The People Under The Stairs will return with a new album, Highlighter, shipping directly from their website on or before October 15th. Customers will be treated to immediate digital downloads of the LP. Regular and deluxe t-shirt packages.

Highlighter, People Under The Stairs’ most ambitious work to date, marks their 8th album release and captures the unparalleled group at the height of their 14 year career. More than just an indie hip-hop album, Highlighter’s outside collaborators comprise a group of influential LA indie-rock producers, engineers and live players featuring everything from full string sections to vintage vibraphones & keyboards. Recorded across a handpicked selection of Los Angeles studios, the duo dig deep into tape, consoles, obscure records and live players and emerge with a project that is both unique and yet familiar. Amidst the swirling musical landscapes, the P realize their most psychedelic album yet and continue to pioneer an alternate, innovative musical direction in rap music.

1. Selfish Destruction
2. The Second Track
3. Can’t Hold It Back
4. Talkin’ Back To The Streets
5. At The House
6. Too Much Birthday
7. We Got It
8. The Time Bandit
9. Foolish People
10. Ascension To Nowhere
11. Uprock Boogie
12. Electric Tookie
13. This Lifetime
14. Cookie’s Theme
15. Dewrit!
16. Mean Spirited
17. Sonic Elders
18. WRLA
19. Left Foot, Right Foot (PL70 Exclusive)
20. Ambien Hallway Music (PL70 Exclusive)

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2 Responses to "People Under The Stairs Returning With "Highlighter" LP, On Oct. 15th."
  • DJ have you got a 45 adapter? says:

    PUTS is selling digital copies solo or along with pre-orders now on their site. Downloads are 24 bit AAC HD files that sound absolutely crazy through a pair of Beats. Get this album, a solid 5/5!

  • Dayz says:

    PUTS keeps getting better with every LP!!! I cannot rave about this enough!!! Definitely in the top three LPs of the year (Apathy & Evidence) …It is rare when artists can keep getting more creative and more refined with each release. Not just in Hip Hop but most music genres artists tend to loose their artistic steam so to speak over the years… These guys keep taking it up a notch! Well done PUTS well done!!!

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