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Masta Ace has revealed the cover art to his next LP, MA_Doom: Son Of Yvonne, produced entirely by MF Doom. He recently spoke on it in an interview with Shockya.Com:

Can you tell me about your new album coming out with MF Doom?

Yes. The album is going to be called “MF Doom: Son Of Yvonne”. It is actually dedicated to my late mother passing in 2005. It takes you back to when I was about 12 years old. It gives you a little insight into what my childhood was like, growing up in a neighborhood and those experiences. The music inspired by his instrumental series. He put up about 180 instrumentals called, “Special Herbs” and a friend of mine exposed me to those instrumentals. I drove around with them for about two months and started to really like a couple of them a lot and decided to start writing songs to them. I didn’t really plan for it to be an official album. It was going to be more like a mixtape or something to do just for fun, but it started to take shape and it seemed to me like it would make a good album. I just started to put it together that way and here we are.

Do you and MF Doom get along well?

The interesting thing is that it is not really a collaboration project because he had no idea that I was writing this album. He put those instrumentals out for the world to have and I discovered them. I wrote this music and in January, I started tweeting a little bit about it and people were showing a lot of interest. He found out about it kind of through the grape vine that I was doing this record. We wound up being on a show together in Switzerland and hung out. After the show, I went to his hotel room and actually played him the whole album. He had no idea about anything until that day when I sat there and played him the whole album. He was blown away.

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7 Responses to "Masta Ace + MF Doom – "MA_Doom: Son Of Yvonne" Cover Artwork"
  • Special Gerbs says:

    yeah i done heard all these beats before but they dope and masta ace is dope so i finna cop this shit

  • JB says:

    great 2 hear its going down both 1 of my favorites.

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