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“Live from the Streets is a video series created by beatmaker Mr. Green and director Sam Lipman-Stern. The series is based around showcasing street musicians and turning their performances into hip hop beats.

New episodes will be released every two weeks. A full Live from the Streets album is in the works.

In the fourth episode of Live from the Streets, we take you back down to Gigi’s Bar and Grille in Old City, this time to meet up with Vinnie Paz. Vinnie has been busy promoting for the new Jedi Mind Tricks record “Violence Begets Violence” but he took the time to give us a quick “one two, one two” and a nice shout out . After that, we introduce John and Agnes who together form the Center City Singers. John and Agnes have been singing in Suburban Station everyday from 7am-8am since 1992 and are renowned throughout the Philadelphia area for brightening up commuters mornings. If you are ever in Philly and you come across John and Agnes, you should definitely stick around for a song and give them a couple dollars. They are good people, not to mention hard workers… and they deserve our support. “

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5 Responses to "Mr. Green ft. the Center City Singers and Vinnie Paz – "Live from the Streets" (Video)"
  • jack in the box says:

    Cool concept, but I’d rather to listen to “John and Agnes” singing than to that beat.

  • Dirty Dee says:

    Beat is dope!!!

  • Mac Ton says:

    never seen nothing like it dope!

  • Dayz says:

    I love these Mr. Green videos! Man it’s awesome to see people’s creative process and love how he goes around and records people in the street for samples! A true artist in the medium of beat making! Yo where’s that new Pacewon and Mr. Green LP!!! Last one was a classic!!!

  • pthemt says:

    That beat is fucking crazy.

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