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1 November, 2011@2:05 pm

Now we can see what all the hype is about on A$AP Rocky, with his new mixtape, Stankonia LiveLoveA$AP.

A$AP Rocky – “LiveLoveA$AP” (Mixtape)

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3 Responses to "A$AP Rocky – "LiveLoveA$AP" (Mixtape)"
  • OaklandSmokin says:

    not too big on a$sap, but clams and company brought some heat for this

  • Dayz says:

    And this no talent ass clown came out of no where and got a 3 Mil deal??? What has the record industry come to??? SMH… If he’s worth that than I am worth billions… And I don’t wanna hear anything about his grind or worth ethic and if I tried harder I could make it to crap. If you suck you suck and he should not be getting any attention! The sheep of this world will listen to any garbage spoon fed to them… F this jerk! I only listened to this off the strength of Clams Casino… And yes I did go through every song to try to find any redeeming qualities…

  • yungplex says:

    A$ap,Drake, Ross ect all present/appeal on a multi-regional level. This seems to be the next ish in hip hop tho it’s not my thing. Call me old fashioned but i feel like boyz need to leave the comin dine music to the pros(ie S.U.C.) Why would I listen to a$ap try to spit bout sippin lean when the whole of TX got that on lock already? At the end of the day, cats from Harlem,Canada,Florida ect need to get they own styles. Tha soufside still hold!

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