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1 November, 2011@1:01 pm
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Cudder *finally* drops his NSFW video w/ Cage. Directed by Shia LaBeouf. Fox News is definitely going to have a problem with this.

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9 Responses to "Kid Cudi – "Maniac" (feat. Cage) (Video)"
  • jack in the box says:

    The little music I heard was shitty, andd the whole French thing made these pretentious from the start.

  • sTeeZo says:

    Cudi and company seems to have modeled their vid after “Man Bites Dog” (a Belgian serial killer film) but, This whole thing was just meh.

  • Dayz says:

    Am I the only one who never understood Cudi’s appeal??? I have never heard I song I like but the masses seem to love him, I don’t get it? Some of my friends are always raving about him and I just don’t hear it… Him and B.o.B. are in the same boat for me, they blew up commerically but I don’t even hear the Hip Pop in them, they both just make boring music.

  • TomL says:

    Looks better than Necro’s short movies…

  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    @TomL: I don’t think we’re talking about the same kind of budgets between Necro and Cudi. Plus, weren’t Necro’s short movies done in the 90s?

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