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2 November, 2011@4:06 pm

Another one from this month’s The Dreamer, The Believer.

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LISTEN: Common – “Sweet” (prod. No I.D.)

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10 Responses to "Common – "Sweet" (prod. No I.D.)"
  • Dayz says:

    Yeah this is pretty dope… Not sure what it is maybe the dud LPs he put out or what but I just am not stoked on his new LP like I used to be when he was dropping something new… Still a fan but not excited…

  • nickwolf777 says:

    is he losing it? lol all that aint ‘common’ of common, man. i think he’s leting his surroundings get to him or something. he’s usually more chill than that, i dont like that at all. and im tired of rappers talking all through their songs, especially when its a dope beat. rap more, talk less

  • A/DC/B says:

    That outro kind of killed the song for me. He sounds like he must have done 300 takes before getting one without breaking out in laughter while talking all that tough shit in that squeaky voice.

  • Soul says:

    That’s the hardest I’ve heard Common go on a track…but it suits the beat. As an aspiring Emcee I feel that…cause you try to match the feeling of the beat…and just cause dude is Conscious doesn’t make the dude soft…you guys need to get that shit straight…and Com is like 6 feet tall he’d probably beat all your asses up…I’ve been a Common fan since day one…and honestly I think some listeners are too dumb to keep up with that dude…some call that one album a pop album and he took some 80′s sample and rocked that shit out…some people need to study their hip hop…plus COMMON isn’t from the northside…southside ain’t nothing soft about where that dude grew up…him having a mind…is what you guys confuse with softness…now a lot of other rappers are all talk specially that tiny self proclaimed alien…

  • Jason says:

    OMG this track is GARBAGE! Common for real? Was this really suppose to be a track at Drake? Drake murdered common in that new song with Rick Ross. “It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads” Done. You’re acting like a broad common stop. All over Serena. Obviously if shes messing with Drake she didnt want you. Then Drake dumped her. Move on. “now a days n*ggas reach just to sell their record” Done. Lol. People are so hyped about commons remix to Still scheming but that is Garbage as well. Common is trying to ACT soooo hard. He’s going to kill his own image and go out like beanie siegal if he keeps this shit up. Wack…

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