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14 November, 2011@7:14 pm

DJ Scratch let the world know via Twitter that EPMD frontman and legendary producer Erick Sermon suffered a heart attack on November 12th, but is “okay”. Erick released a statement to Global Grind suggesting “I’m good! I got two more tests on Monday and Tuesday then I’m home hopefully on Wednesday.”

Erick Sermon is pictured above with Parrish Smith, performing at Lavo in Las Vegas a few short weeks ago.

We predict a “SPECIAL REPORT: HIP-HOP HEALTH ALERT” issue of The Source, with Rick Ross, LL Cool J, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Heavy D, and Erick Sermon on the cover. Throw in a shirtless Lil Wayne or Prodigy’s prison abs for good measure.

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4 Responses to "Erick Sermon Suffers Heart Attack, Is "Okay""
  • docboy says:

    i believe the so called hip hop community has a great oppurtunity at the moment to get with real health solutions, and not fall victim to another type of corporate greed : the health industry. its just as corrupt as all the other industries. Ppl gonna have to chose soon between life or death. look at the shit we eat and drink, then we run to the same ones who screw us up and get us hooked on medication,,,it may sound corny to talk about this, but it has to be done,,,life is all about survival

  • zoom says:

    I’m glad he gonna be alright. But yeah, in general people have to more conscious about their health, especially when they get older.

  • Dayz says:

    Damn man these cats need to take better care of themselves… Still mourning Heavy D if we lost Edub this week that would have been way too much! Get better E!!!

  • I dont know what these cats do behind closed doors but this more of a general comment. All this bottle popping, coke snorting, fast food eating, way of living will catch up to everyone eventually. They should take a dead prez be healthy approach, you dont have to become no crazy ass vegan or anything but all that money you can afford to pay as much money for fruits & vegetable as you do for your whip and bling.

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