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16 November, 2011@5:24 pm

Another one from undun, hitting next month. Directed by Clifton Bell.

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5 Responses to "The Roots – "Stomp" (Video)"
  • jack in the box says:

    Not bad, but the weakest one yet. Where’s Black Thought?

  • Dayz says:

    All of these videos are just snippets from the songs so a lot of verses are omitted. Hell they claimed the Big KRIT featured song first and they cut his verse… I love The Roots and this album sounds sonically good but also it’s very downbeat depressing sounding… From what I heard this sounds like a good rainy day album but definitely won’t be the backdrop to your next backyard bbq… Not hating just sounds like I’ll have to be in a particular mood to enjoy this LP.

  • yungplex says:

    Anytime is the right time for Philly’s finest.

  • Dayz says:

    @yungplex oh no doubt if you celebrate their entire catalog like I do. Being that I reside outside of Philly I don’t think there is a group I’ve seen live more than them. Hungout with Quest a couple times real cool cat. Best live performance of any Hip Hop act out there! Definitely stoked for this LP it just sounds a bit dark and gloomy from what we have heard so far…

  • yungplex says:

    I love me some gloomy ish (mobb deep,zro,massive attack,scarface,portishead ect) I’m interested in a pensive & dark Roots album. Saw them in Germany,Houston,Phoenix & Vegas. I must agree they don’t disappoint.

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