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by Pizzo
18 November, 2011@10:23 am


Birdman announces Busta Rhymes is the new member of the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires family. Now pick your jaw up off the floor.

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9 Responses to "Birdman Welcomes Busta Rhymes To YMCMB"
  • Rizzo says:

    More like Middle-aged Money

  • yungplex says:

    Really? He’s so in so, he’s this, he’s that?. Quit hatin and rydin a dic every time a ninja cash a check. Busta’s legacy is solidified independent of haterz.

  • TheU says:

    The fact that the people posting here seem so upset about this tells me they must have been big fans of Busta up till this point. That’s dedication. Even though I thought he killed it on the “Otis” instrumental, I gave up on him back when “Pass The Courvoisier” came out. (NOTE: Diddy wields the power of hip hop’s anti-Midas touch IMO. “Step Into A World remix”: tolerable but a shadow of the original. I thought the usual intent of a remix was to enhance a song. “Hate Me Now”: I took those instructions to heart & I did. I stopped listening. Period. “Don Cartagena”: Puff’s previous outing with a quality rapper proved disastrous & did not bode well for the future outlook of Joe’s career. Don’t believe me. Do the songs “We Thuggin’” & “Lean Back” ring a bell? Come to think of it, Busta gave us ample warning prior to the Courvoisier song when he appeared on Puff Daddy’s “Victory”. You guys need a late pass.) It’s looks as if Busta might be it but we’ll have to wait and see if he wants to lead or follow. I did take the time to listen to his new single “Why Stop Now” ( ) and it looks like you guys may have hit the nail on the head if more material like that will follow. Maybe he’s got back taxes or child support he needs to take care of in a hurry. If so, I fully understand pulling an Agallah and associating with a crew beneath your capabilities. If not… where’s Lord Have Mercy and Dinco D when you need ‘em?

  • A/DC/B says:

    Busta’s been making poor career choices since he left Elektra over a decade ago. This is just another one of those poor choices; nothing special …

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