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20 November, 2011@6:30 pm

Asher Roth answered some inquiring minds via Twitter this weekend about the rumors of him going to Def Jam with “Yessir”. He followed up with “Mixtape on Itunes 12/21; Pabst & Jazz album next year 1st quarter”.

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6 Responses to "Asher Roth Signs To Def Jam"
  • Dayz says:

    Congrats to Asher but Def Jam is not the same compnay of the days of old… I question a lot of their moves for years now and I lot of artists have expressed their displeasure with how they were promoted, or lack there of… Hopefully it works out for him.

  • Chad says:

    Why is this guy so in all of a sudden? Are frat boys emcees too now? Em was at least partially ghetto. There’s something seriously wrong if this guy is considered worthy of Def Jam. Has everybody lost their minds?

  • Dayz says:

    @Chad well my favorite Hip Hop group of all time, the Beastie Boys, were one of the first groups on the label and they were one of the biggest “frat” party group of all time. Granted they are from NYC so they have more “street credit”… Just sayin’…

  • $ky, the self-proclamed black nerd. says:

    Asher Roth is sick. People think he sucks just because of his only mainstream joint, “I Love College”. Yea that song is sh*t but his CD Asleep in the Bread Aisle was actually pretty deep. His song with the now-famous Miguel called “His Dream” and “Fallin’” are probably the highlights of it. His mixtapes are nasty (except for Seared Foi Gras or whatever the hell it was called, it was ass). He’s really not the fratboy type, it was just a gimmick to market a song to college alkies that drink to get eff’d up. I think Asher will be able to do big things now that he’s on a major label. Schoolboy wasn’t that big, especially since Bieber left a while ago, and Asher was the only legit person on there. Hopefully this will make people give him another chance.
    p.s- why bash Asher cuz he’s a white, nerdy, stoner that “Loved College”? Mac Miller is a white, nerdy, stoner too, yet people are all up on his nuts. Probably cuz he’s down with Wiz.. idk why but it depends on who you know, no matter how “Incredibly Dope” you are. Sad, but true.

  • Chad says:

    I honestly don’t know much about Asher, that ‘I like college’ song just put him in the pop category for me, so i immediately ignored everything else he has done.

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