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R.A. speaks with one of his film heroes, legendary director William Friedkin, via his website. Here’s a piece:

R.A. the Rugged Man: Being that you made the scariest movie of all time, what movies scare you?

William Friedkin: Psycho (1960) and Alien (1979). Diabolique (1955) the H.G. Clouzet film is absolutely terrifying, another would be a Japanese film called Onibaba (1964) directed by Kaneto Shindô, One of my favorite directors is Dario Argento, Are you familiar with him?

yeah, Deep Red, Suspiria.

Exactly Suspiria (1977) is a fright fest, every couple minutes something comes along in that film. Deep Red (1975); actually the Italian title is Profundo Rosso, there are some unsuspected killings in that movie that are absolutely unbearable to watch. Bird with the Chrystal Plummage (1970), Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971). That guy knows how to turn it on. I also like Polanski’s Repulsion too. Strong, very Strong.

So after Hitchcock scared the shit out of you with Psycho, a year or so later you ended up working on his TV show. What was that like?

I enjoyed it but I only met him on one occasion, He’d only come in once a week

Do you have any idea what Hitchcocks reaction was to The Exorcist?

I really don’t know. He never called me and said “well done old boy.” or some shit like that.

Read more at RATheRuggedMan.Net.

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1 Responses to "R.A. The Rugged Man Interviews "Exorcist" Director William Friedkin"
  • jack in the box says:

    Good interview, thanks for posting. Friedkin is the man, and RA knows his stuff.

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