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Ghostface Killah Recalls Meeting MF DOOM, and promises that the DOOMSTARKS LP Is on it’s way.

“You know, everybody give me CDs, I play ‘em. But I just said I didn’t know who Metal Fingers was. But I knew he had beats on there that was up my alley, so I had my manager just look and we just hunt, hunt, hunt. And we found him, and it was MF DOOM,” he said. “And we got connected, he came through the studio and from right there, we started building. He was a good dude, smart dude. We came from the same school, same cloth. So it was easy to be connected like that. So he did some beats on Fishscale for me, and everything’s just been history. As far as the album, we did a lot of songs. He got a lot of songs for me. I’m still waiting for him to send me more songs,” he said. “I tell him the people want the album. Everywhere I go, they want it. But the ball’s in his corner. I’m just waiting on him, because I’ve been pressing the issue. But he said, we gon’ get together, whatever the case may be. But it’s going to happen, because we got a lot of records.”

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4 Responses to "Ghostface Killah – "DOOMSTARKS is coming" (Video)"
  • Dayz says:

    I hope this LP actually comes out one day. At this point I put it on the same fantasy list as Detox however… I am not holding my breath on this ever seeing the light of day… I will wait and be excited about this news when I phsyically have the LP in hand.

  • dnpmonk25 says:

    Once again I hear this on HPS just like I heard Years ago they were working on “Interchangeable Parts” together. I will believe it when my neck snaps off!

  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    “Swift & Changeable”, but yeah, not getting my hopes up for this one…

  • Machiventa says:

    I feel like it’s 06-07 all over again

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