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6 December, 2011@7:54 am

As I open the product, my body starts to shake in anticipation. The latest drug to hit the street, pure and uncut, a newfound experience with Mobb Deep’s Black Cocaine. Once I begin to take it in, my dopamine reactors start to surge. A reggae chant on “Dead Man Shoes” is a unique approach for Havoc and Prodigy. Unfortunately, the song never draws me in and I feel like I may have purchased some black baking soda.

I move onto the title track, trying to get my fix. The beat is a little catchier, some classic pianos in the background and a continual chant throughout the chorus. Now my fix is starting to be met. The horns from “Conquer” are an uplifting approach, and fit perfectly with the tone of the song. My high has me picturing a fighter entering the ring to this song, as it is reminiscent of “Rocky’s” theme music.

This package comes with a bonus, an appearance by Nas on “Get It Forever.” Maybe Mobb Deep knew that this appearance would be worth the price the dealer was charging. His flow is still one of the best in the game, a memory that will be embedded in my mind years after Black Cocaine is replaced by a new designer drug.

“Last Days” bangs harder than anything else on this release; what a way to end on a high. A rolling beat, vintage Alchemist. No wait, it’s by Freak Beats? Either way, the EP ends just as they have me hooked. Although the early introduction to Black Cocaine wasn’t what I would have anticipated, the latter half of the 5 song experience was worth the price tag.

One can only hope they release more like the latter half of this EP ASAP. Because like an addict, we will keep coming back for more, next time they put new product on the street.

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5 Responses to "Mobb Deep – "Black Cocaine" – @@@ (Review)"
  • BrucePtheGod says:

    I can’t really find fault with this review per se. When I listened to this, I wanted to like it…I really was remembering the first time I heard ‘The Infamous’ and ‘Hell On Earth’…but this isn’t that Mobb Deep and it is deeply disappointing. Even if you get the one they sent to indie record stores, the bonus tracks don’t help the cause either.

    I think these guys are like Zoo Lions. They have been out of the hunt so long that the can’t survive anymore. They have lost their purpose. Their day is over. There will not be a Raekwon like resurrection for these two.

  • hiphop says:

    You are either a Mobb Deep fan or you aren’t. A couple of misfires here and there will do nothing to tarnish their living legendary status. Too many cats fail to realize this fact.

  • Model Citizen says:

    I haven’t heard this yet, and I probably won’t ever get around to it. BruceP summed it up pretty well.

  • Dayz says:

    @Matt Wright and @Bruce the review was fair but honestly none of the songs have any real replay value for me. None of the songs are bad per se they just fail to draw me in. Watching Mobb Deep fall from grace has been so dishearting to this fan and I am sure from the countless blog posts out there over the years it’s been a sad sight for most fans out there. Never have I seen such great artists of any medium unravel creatively so bad before. They were one of the best Hip Hop groups ever and made such an impact on me and the entire community. I honestly wish that after the Murda Musik LP they would have rode of in the sunset and left us wishing they made more music. They should have gone out on top… like, as an example, Seinfeld did. He stopped the show at the height of its popularity and when the writing was the tightest. He knew that his creative output couldn’t last and wanted to leave the fans begging for more instead of becoming a washed up has been that everyone wished had quit long before. Sorry but Mobb Deep has passed their prime years ago… Every release I so want to like but always am disappointed… Eventhough I say all of this I know come February when their new LP comes out I’ll be at the record store.

  • i'm at work and bored says:

    I have not heard this yet but i personally thought blood money was dope

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