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14 December, 2011@5:10 pm

Canibus serves up this misdirected, unreleased, old dis record aimed at Royce Da 5’9, which he has since retracted. Looks like he’s getting ready to release Rip The Jacker II sometime soon.

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4 Responses to "Canibus – "HRSHU Attack (Royce Da 5'9 Diss)""
  • MonstersInkFan says:

    Really com’on canIbitch royce would body dat crAYOLA rap you coloring

  • Dayz says:

    Canibus the most disappointing waste of talent and fall from grace… Well other than Prodigy, my used to be favorite emcee…

  • the killah says:

    i dunno why you hating on bis all royce did in his diss was talk shit and use one of bis’ ill rhymes against him, and people call bis fans dickriders i thought j clone was shit but this and joey cupcakes are two good songs especially this, royce is a bitch, and yeah you can call bis canibitch, or royce moist or eminem feminem but whats the point just makes you look like a twat, i could name 10 rappers that would easily shit on royce’s bullshit

  • the killah says:

    and royce says “we liked you before the army now we aint a fan of your shit” then why did he jump on atleast two songs with him after he got out the army and got dirtily outshined on one of them stupid motherfucker

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