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15 December, 2011@8:12 am

Recently surfaced conversation between Canibus and LL Cool J during the historical “4,3,2,1″ controversy, which resulted in “Second Round K.O.”.

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13 Responses to "Canibus & LL Cool J Discuss "4,3,2,1" On The Phone In 1998"
  • hambonedeuce says:

    canibus wins each time LL licks his lips.
    even if he’s bi-polar

  • Avery says:

    LL won all phases. Cannibus asked to be his hypeman after 10+ years. Return of the ripper, back where I belong, fo sho, niggy nuts, shut em down, etc. ll snapped n the energy on da mic. Lol!!! LL baby!!!! Go cop exit 13 cd and return of the ripper mixtape. LL haters dont see it. Most versatile. Stop lookin at his lips n listen. Oh yeah listen to the goat cd. No one said that acronymn until LL said goat. Originality baby.

  • I'm at work and bored says:

    2nd round ko was weak. Only dope thing about song was that Mike Tyson was on it. LL destroyed him with his response. Canibus fans are funny. This Guy never won a battle in his career and yet they think he’s ill. If canibis thought he won, why did he accused eminem of ghostwriting for LL? Ahahah.

    Go listen to LL’s To the break of dawn. That’s how u make a diss record.

  • Dayz says:

    Okay okay… LL was one of the first emcees I ever heard destroy a mic back in the early 80′s… Enough respectg to the legend!!! He has so many classics under his belt it’s silly… Dude has made mad wack songs over the past decade however… Canibus is one of the best lyrists of all time… His intelligence, when rhyming, and skills are unparralled… His dis track to LL was one of the best disses ever to be recorded, hands down!!! LL one of my favorites, Canibus a rising star that fell from olympian hieghts to never redeem himself… Both of these emcees disappoint me… LL bring the raw NYC OG Hip Hop back!!! Canibus get back to the ill flows that made us all dig you in the first place… Might be too late for him tho…

  • roy bogart says:

    I said it back then and I will say it now: LL is definitely a legend, but Cannibus totally destroyed him in that battle. But since he got so battle-happy after that, nobody really took him seriously, just gave him props on his skills and that was it. And on a un related note,

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