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Fatal Lucciauno is excited to announce the release of his new album, Respect. A follow-up to his 2007 project, The Only Forgotten Son, Respect will be released on February 21st via Sportn’ Life Records. Born in Chicago and raised in Seattle’s Central District (a rough neighborhood nicknamed the Crime District), Fatal Lucciauno brings the perspective of his urban northwest upbringing to listeners, a unique style that weaves street tales while striving to remain spiritually honest. “With this record I wanted to show the musical integrity that drives me to be the best at what I do,” says Fatal. “The music is a safe haven for my thoughts and fears. I finally feel free, spiritually, so my creative drive is scary. This album is a jump-start to a new frontier in ‘gangsta rap.’ I truly believe it will bring an uprising to my northwest hip-hop community.”

For Lucciauno, Respect is also an album to show and prove, and the title draws directly from that goal. “I want people to respect my artistic value,” Lucciauno explains, “as well as my ability to crush any beat handed to me.” Tracks like “Adolf” do just that, “a modern-day twist on a regime change in street politics,” according to Lucciauno, that puts on display his ability to bring together concepts and lyricism.

Elsewhere, the album’s first single, “Amazing,” continues to show off Fatal’s diversity as an artist. Produced by Jake One and featuring a chorus from rapper J. Pinder, also both Seattleites, “Amazing” contains a filtered and chopped sample with airy keys and echoing, soulful vocals throughout. For Lucciauno, the song’s inspiration came from the undying love bred by nostalgia. “I have love for my community, no matter what I’ve seen,” he notes of his beloved Central District neighborhood. “It’s cool to want nice things – that’s what the struggle was for – but don’t forget where you come from.”

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1 Responses to "Fatal Lucciauno – "Amazing" (feat. J. Pinder; prod. Jake One)"
  • Lex says:

    Easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Seattle in a minute. Big up to the NW.

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