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Above, Kris gives an in-depth interview with The Archivest. Meanwhile, KRS has reunited with Kenny Parker for The BDP Album, which on sale now on Itunes.

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11 Responses to "KRS-One and Kenny Parker Release "The BDP Album" On Itunes"
  • Don Juggalo says:

    Been down with BDP and KRS since waaaaay back in the day. My 1st concert was BDP, EPMD, and Eric B. & Rakim. KRS-ONE IS the Teacha, and these young kids should be showing him MUCH more respect. How many of these wack rappers do you think will still be selling albums 25 years later? I used to be down with Lil Wayne, but now it’s just radio garbage. And don’t get me started on Drake…last name ever, 1st name greatest? Are you kidding me? There’s some good shit out there, but you can’t front on KRS-ONE. Especially if you’ve seen one of his live shows…he’s a REAL MC for sure. I won’t waste my money on most live rap nowadays – it sounds like garbage for real! Anyway, lovin’ the new album – it came in rough and slapped me in the face! I wasn’t expecting KRS to come back hard again, but why not? The Sneak Attack did the same thing! KRS shows you can rock the mic and big up hip-hop without degrading yourself and your race….big up!!!!!

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