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15 January, 2012@4:09 pm
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Common speaks with Sirius Hip-Hop Nation about his ongoing feud with Drake, and discusses whether or not Serena Williams had anything to do with it….

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3 Responses to "Common Talks Drake Beef"
  • Steve says:

    This is filled with hilarious irony. The book on Common is that his whole career, he’s been labeled as a sort of a soft rapper. Sure he can get gully at times, but generally he’s talking about his feelings and cloudy days.

    Now, if Common is coming after you for make making pre-teen masturbatory aids, you may need to reevaluate.

    Even Common is saying, “lets turn it up a notch.” The dude wears sweater vests for Christ’s sake.

  • nickwolf777 says:

    it aint hard to diss drake. the dude dont be saying much of anything anyways. he should stick to singing and let someone ghostwrite for him

  • King Soul says:

    @Steve you obviously have no ears to hear with, the man just explained clearly who took offense to it. Common is a ladies man, he dresses well cause he’s from Chicago. That’s how we do it in Chi-Town…we got that mac in us. Obviously Drake got offended cause he is doing that sweet shit. Common maybe labeled a sweet rapper but his far from it Conscious rap and Sweet ass rap are two completely different things.

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