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by Pizzo
20 January, 2012@8:19 pm

Thanks to the Freedom Of Information Act, the FBI has released their file on one Russell Tyrone Jones, known to most as The Ol’ Dirty Bastard. This document is chock full of goodies, some of it true, some of it assumption, linking to Wu-Tang Clan to organized crime and gang activity. You can read the entire document for yourself here – or check a breakdown of it’s juiciest bits courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Yeah, it probably was not a great idea for Dirty to mention on MTV that he was on welfare while being signed to Loud.

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1 Responses to "FBI Releases Ol' Dirty Bastard File"
  • Wow, it seems as if hip hop will always be under surveillance by the FBI. That’s why you have to watch what you say. Poor bastard!

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