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Prince Paul writes:

This one of a few songs I did for the “sex and violence album” . For reasons unknown I never got a chance to fully complete the production on these songs and thus poor mixes were ultimately released to the public . When I hear those songs I cringe .. I do wish I could turn back the hands of time and finish these recordings . Hope you enjoy these . More to come on the unreleased Prince Paul Collection . Please share and check out other rare releases on this page . Negroes On Ice !

Drug dealer Rough MIX 1991 ( BDP . PRINCE PAUL ) by DJ Prince Paul

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1 Responses to "Boogie Down Productions – "Drug Dealer (Prince Paul's 1991 Rough Mix)""
  • BrucePtheGod says:

    When is this unreleased Prince Paul collection coming ? This is the first I’m hearing of it. I liked ‘Gold Dust’ so…lets have it. Sex and Violence is a BDP album I return to every so often. Something about the production and lyrical direction of it sticks out from the other KRS efforts. It has always had a raw, unpolished sound to it that I have always liked. That is kind of what I like in hip hop production. Don’t get me wrong…there is room for the smoothed out track too, but there is also appreciation for the track with sampled dusty drums, with surface noise.

    This mix is a bit more interesting than the album mix on the album. Especially the breakdown at the end.

    In the off chance paul reads this…I would not mix all the tracks together, just leave them unmixed and un-narrated. I prefer not to have a DJ talking over my stuff.

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