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29 January, 2012@9:33 pm

Ras Kass has announced that he is no longer part of The Four Horsemen, a super group that also consists of Killah Priest, Canibus and Kurupt.

In May 2011, the group revealed that it would release it’s official album that summer, but the LP failed to surface. RZA was said to be producing the album, which was also rumored to have a collaborative track with Slaughterhouse.

Statement below.

“It’s been weighing heavy on me for a minute, but I have to make an announcement. After discussing with some of the people in my group and some of my other friends, things have just gotten a little too complicated and out of hand, and some things, I don’t agree with. And so I’m officially resigning out of the Horsemen. It is what it is. I’m not going to make too many more comments about it, but the bottom line is, I’m no longer part of the Horsemen. I have relationships with certain people, but some things are just too complicated and not worth the drama that’s constantly popping up. I stand firmly with dope lyricism, dope people and I think everybody’s talented, but at this particular point, there’s a lot of shit I don’t agree with, so I have to step out of it. All respect to everybody. I’m going to continue doing what I do, making my music and fucking with who I fuck with. I wish everybody the best, but I think this is the best decision for me as an artist and as a man. So there it goes. I am no longer part of Horsemen. One love, that’s it.”

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21 Responses to "Ras Kass leaves the HRSMN"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    Killah Priest is the only one worth hearing anymore

    Canibus spent his career riding dicks and now thats all anybody cares about from him, he’s gonna be dropping some album with 10,000 bars on it this year that will sell 1,000 copies if its lucky, other underground rappers laugh at his career

    Kurupt has been saying the same shit over and over for 20 years -

    “Bitch Nigga, you more of a bitch then a bitch, I’m a gigantic, titanic Testicular Tyrannosaurus Biiiooottccchhh”


    Standard Kurupt Lyric, STFU YOUR WACK!!!

    And Ras Kass is the definition of a failure, he spends more time drinking and driving then he does handling buisness and making good music, in his whole career he’s got about 15 songs that arent trash

    Why Priests hangs out with these guys I never knew, dude would be better off just making an album with GZA

  • battle hound says:

    Canibus, Ras Kass, heltah skeltah – UNIFORM
    Killah Priest – B.I.B.L.E
    Kurupt(Dogg Pound) – NY,NY
    = Dope

  • Tom says:

    Canibus and Ras Kass used to be in my top 3 favorite MCs for the longest time. I don’t know how they messed it up so badly. Ras Kass did it by always picking horrible wanna-be mainstream beats. Excluding Soul on Ice, which is a pure classic.
    Most Canibus albums have poor beats as well, except I enjoyed the beats on Can-I-Bus and Rip the Jacker. Canibus is a weird dude and makes some weird decisions. Something tells me that Canibus and Ras couldn’t get along. It seems nobody can get along with Canibus.

    Killah Priest’s first album is a classic. He’s also is a victim of not having beats to match his abilities. I always found Kurupt wack. I don’t even know why he’s in the group. lol. I would have picked like Chino XL.

  • Rizzo says:

    Canibus may be an asshole but you can’t deny that he was dope for at least a few months in the late 90s (“Beasts From The East”, “4,3,2,1″, “Second Round KO”, “Making a Name for Ourselves”, etc.)

    I do enjoy some Ras Kass songs (Soul on Ice remix, Goldyn Chyld, Golden State Warriors songs), and I’ll give you B.I.B.L.E. Maybe I was missing something, but I always thought I should care more about these guys more than I did (especially Kurupt)

  • Craig says:

    Why he felt he needed to leave the group outright is beyond me. Pretty stupid imo. Those of you saying Kurupt is wack are also stupid. That whole Dogg Food album is a west coast classic, and he was lyrical all over that thing. I don’t even need to remind people how lyrical Canibus is, ’cause that’s what he’s known for. Killah Priest to me is just meh. Ras is bailing on Canibus in particular with this move I think. Seems like if you want any type of leverage in the rap world, you have to be attached to Eminem’s tit either directly or indirectly for any type of success. Dude has crazy affiliation on the business end. So cut anyone you know off if they have drama with Marshal Mathers, which is what Royce 5’9 did a while ago with Esham and Canibus, and what Ras is doing with Canibus now.

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