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1 February, 2012@5:31 pm

Does Rae know he had the best solo LP?

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1 Responses to "Raekwon Says Solo LP’s Hurt The Wu-Tang Clan"
  • Dayz says:

    He may have used a lot of words grammatically incorrect but I totally agree with what he was trying to convey. To me Enter the 36 Chambers is one of the best LPs ever and leaps and bounds better than anything they did after that. Yes I agree Liquid Swords and OBFQL are classics but with the whole team together it was on another level. What made that LP so awesome was you could tell they all were friends and that every song and verse was written together in the same room and they all meshed together seamlessly. There was no phoned in verses or beats emailed across the country, no cut and paste, they wrote and recorded it together and that made it special. Their 2md LP was not done that way and you could easily tell. While good it didn’t have that high level of cohesiveness and tightness the first LP had… If they could have stayed together and worked as a tight knit unit they very well may have made and continued to make something unbelievable! If they really want to make a triumphant return as the Clan they need to act like a clan and hunker down in some bunker somewhere in NYC and produce, write and record all in together now!!! WU-TANG!!!

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