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9 February, 2012@6:07 pm

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt has finally returned, and releases this new track “Home”.

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5 Responses to "Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”"
  • Model Citizen says:

    This is good news! Earl is the only member of OF I really care about.

  • Skins says:

    I listened to this….and I wouldn’t mind if he went back to wherever it was he came from.

  • Dayz says:

    Along with the rest of his crew I just don’t get the appeal???

  • Hodges says:

    The Hip-Hop Nation should rejoice. This kid is the absolute truth. Probably a little too progressive for most as far as the beats he chooses, vocabulary, and flow.

  • Dayz says:

    Progressive eh??? It’s cool if you like him and his music but I don’t hear it and I like to think I am open to any and all sounds, traditional to progressive and everything in between. I don’t just listen to Hip Hop, I enjoy the entire spectrum of music out there and I don’t hear anything that redeeming in his lyrics, style, subject matter or production. I did my research on the kid and listened to a bunch of his material and while he is the best out of that camp that doesn’t mean anything to me cause it doesn’t sound good… People sometimes like what is different for the sake that it’s different but to me it’s about quality and I don’t get that from him or any of his affiliates… Rejoice? I choose not too and to me it’s a sad day when an artist like this gets press and attention over so many truly talented artists out there that are much more deserving of the spotlight.

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