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In just over a year and a half, Boston Bruin’s Left Winger Brad Marchand has won a Stanley Cup and has become a fan favorite among Boston Hockey fans. His cult hero status as a gritty player who doesn’t take himself too serious has been elevated with the embracing of his popular nickname “Noseface Killah” and his references to his teammates as “The Bru-Tang Clan.”

To celebrate all things Wu-Tang and his own growing aliases, Marchand has teamed up with The Boston Sports Apparel CO. to design his own line of gear. Principal members of The Boston Sports Apparel Co. have strong ties to the Urban Hip-Hop Music scene both in Boston and Nationally by way of now defunct record label “Grit Records”. Grit Records (who released songs featuring Soul Supreme, KRS-One, Pete Rock, Big Daddy Kane & O.C of legendary group D.I.T.C.) was founded by Mahlon Williams, winner of Spike TV’s second season episode of “Pros vs. Joes”. After appearing on the popular sports show, Williams decided to leverage his bevy of Comic Book and music industry connections and access to popular athletes to start a sports apparel and marketing company. The Boston Sports Apparel Company has done work for Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Youkilis, Glen Davis and now resident Bruins player Brad Marchand. Their products are sold all over New England and are regarded as one of the top regional apparel companies in the North East having garnered national attention on ESPN, SNL, TODAY show and countless reality shows. In an effort to lend some “street cred” to the whole BRU-TANG CLAN concept and promote the gear, The Boston Sports Apparel Company has collaborated with renown comic book artist J.J. Kirby and underground legend Akrobatik to lend his voice to each BRU-TANG clan member.

The FreEP “Enter The 63 Chambers” (63 coincidentally being Marchand’s Jersey Number and the mirror of Wu-Tang’s debut album title) will be released in late February 2012. The six-songs featured on “Enter The 63 Chambers” are all recorded over classic Wu-Tang instrumentals are surely the first hockey related hip-hop songs ever recorded (true “fight music”); and is a must listen for anyone (regardless if you follow hockey or not) and absolutely has to be heard in order to be appreciated.

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10 Responses to "Akrobatik – “Bru-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ To Puck With”"
  • Model Citizen says:

    @BrucePtheGod, this is just supposed to be fun, lighten up. Do you really think Akrobatic should have come with some super innovative shit while writing about a fucking hockey team? It’s supposed to give fans a kick, and given the concept I would say the song was executed pretty well. I am completely indifferent to hockey, Boston, and the Bruins, but I still thought this was cool. People need to stop taking shit so seriously.

  • BrucePtheGod says:

    @Model Citizen, Wasn’t really expecting anything super innovative since it’s a commercial for a t-shirt, but maybe a freestyle or verse about hockey. btw, I’m from Boston, follow the sports here, and still…this is crap.

  • Skins says:

    It’s the replacing fuck with puck that makes my skin crawl. That and Boston teams are scum. I’m gonna go cry into my Eagles and Flyers jerseys now, thanks.

  • ActualMusic says:

    I love people saying this is corny and crap. Y’all thought Frank Ocean was the shit.

  • Joe Momma says:

    Guys, IT IS A JOKE!! Stop acting like it is the end of the world, It is FAR from AKROBATIC’S worst song, and trust me I actually know living in new england.

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