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14 February, 2012@9:36 pm

Dear heads,

So, I have been in deep thought about what direction to take HipHopSite.Com in the future. I have to be honest, my heart is not in the site anymore. Mostly because I don’t like the direction that hip-hop music has taken. Don’t get me wrong, the underground has always produced great music, but after 17 years of running HipHopSite.Com, it’s hard for me to get excited about this stuff anymore. Let’s face it, I’m jaded.

I’ve been wanting to take some time off from HHS to produce and start a label, but the time I put into the site each day is not allowing that to happen. My first inkling was to throw in the towel and retire HipHopSite for good. Hang up my mic, so to speak.

But I still enjoy reviewing albums; it’s innate in me to listen to a record and critique it. So then I thought I could just run those reviews on DJPizzo.Com, but that would probably confuse people. Someone suggested to me that I should sell it, and the another person suggested I hand it over to the community. I like the second idea better.

So now the question is how to do this. One way is to simply open the site up and let all of you take control of it. This could get messy with double posts, old posts, piracy, etc, but then again, if we had someone moderating the site, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Sites like Reddit and Wikipedia have proven this. In short, we could probably get it under control pretty quickly.

With that off my chest, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I hate to see sites disappear completely, and I would hate to have the legacy of HHS thrown away just because I’m tired of doing it. I know you guys love the site and visit it every day, so perhaps there’s a way to keep this thing alive that involves all of you. Feel free to chime in with your ideas in the comments section or email me directly at

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49 Responses to "The Future (?) Of HipHopSite.Com"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    I been coming to this site regularly for about 12 years now no lie, thank you for the great job you’ve done, I got open to alot of Indy artists I never would have known before thanks to you

  • face fuc says:

    please dont go !

  • Bronson72 says:

    Yo Pizzo, I just want to thank you for all that you and the staff have done for me over the years. Because of you guys I have been turned on to alot of dope vinyl, cd’s, videos, t-shirts, reviews, stickers, posters, toys, autographs and of course the lists. The lists are definitely a favorite of mine. I always look forward to them especially the “Best & Worst”. HHS is hands down the best Hip Hop site around, period. I was turned on to you guys in the late 90′s by some friends in Vegas and I have visited the site daily ever since. I always made it a point to visit the store when in LV. Shit, it was more fun than hittin the casinos. Your staff was cool, fun, and helpful. They always showed love to this Denver kid. I was pretty disappointed when you stopped the retail side but at least the site was still going. To be 100, I still miss the store. I especially miss all the dope freebies that shipped with each order. I dig Your writing and your reviews are always very clean and thorough. I aint gonna lie, I wish the site would never die. This site is not only entertainment to me, it’s theropy for real. Good luck with everything your future holds my brother. Thanks again for all the love you have shown to me and my fellow heads. Stay True.

  • Vinnie says:

    Say it can’t be true ! I’ve been a regular reader of this site since I was at university in the late 90′s when I had way too much time on my hands so I’d be checking everyday to see if here was an update. I used to have my notepad and I’d note done all the new joints I likes so I could go and hunt for them. I remember reading about eminem for the first time on this site. To this day it’s the only hip hop publication I still read as all the others have either disappeared or suck.. I really hope u think twice about this I know evolution is all good and the site has changed massively over the years but handing it over to the users just means multiple threads which nobody has time to read or decipher through and also a lack of quality. This is just another nail in the coffin of hip hop I really hope u don’t do this but if it happens thanks for the last 15 years.

  • ggg says:

    Dear Pizzo & other contributors,

    If it is time to go, it’s time to go. GREAT SITE that had a positive impact on myself and hip hop in general for a LONG time. You have done so much good work, i’d say go ahead and retire it. You deserve a break man, and the ability to search out new opportunities. Thanks for all the years! Best wishes

    one love, keep it real yo

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