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14 February, 2012@9:36 pm

Dear heads,

So, I have been in deep thought about what direction to take HipHopSite.Com in the future. I have to be honest, my heart is not in the site anymore. Mostly because I don’t like the direction that hip-hop music has taken. Don’t get me wrong, the underground has always produced great music, but after 17 years of running HipHopSite.Com, it’s hard for me to get excited about this stuff anymore. Let’s face it, I’m jaded.

I’ve been wanting to take some time off from HHS to produce and start a label, but the time I put into the site each day is not allowing that to happen. My first inkling was to throw in the towel and retire HipHopSite for good. Hang up my mic, so to speak.

But I still enjoy reviewing albums; it’s innate in me to listen to a record and critique it. So then I thought I could just run those reviews on DJPizzo.Com, but that would probably confuse people. Someone suggested to me that I should sell it, and the another person suggested I hand it over to the community. I like the second idea better.

So now the question is how to do this. One way is to simply open the site up and let all of you take control of it. This could get messy with double posts, old posts, piracy, etc, but then again, if we had someone moderating the site, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Sites like Reddit and Wikipedia have proven this. In short, we could probably get it under control pretty quickly.

With that off my chest, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I hate to see sites disappear completely, and I would hate to have the legacy of HHS thrown away just because I’m tired of doing it. I know you guys love the site and visit it every day, so perhaps there’s a way to keep this thing alive that involves all of you. Feel free to chime in with your ideas in the comments section or email me directly at

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49 Responses to "The Future (?) Of HipHopSite.Com"
  • Dominic Figueroa says:

    Hi Pizzo, this is Dominic Figueroa, I am a FB friend and i have been
    following, reading, visiting, for plenty of years now.
    Recently, I haven’t been avidly going on the website as i used to BUT!
    i have always been a loyal and humble follower. I enjoy and appreciate
    all you and your partners have done to bring light good music reviews,
    news, recommendations, music network, and straight out entertainment
    and knowledge to the hip hop community. As you said, you are very busy
    Artist, Entrepreneur, Journalist, and Family man,–all these qualities
    are great and well respected. I wish you the best and hope that you
    can still continue the website because its the only few wholesome hip
    hop news in the world. You have suggested to open up the website to
    the community but i also find it difficult to maintain from
    illegitimacy. I just hope there is a way to continue the website, for
    instance, is it possible you can hire somebody to write the reviews
    and maintain the website? or if not can you just focus on DL news, or
    music recommendations, or “best of” lists, or music producers reviews,
    or hot new artists buzz, and the like. Or better yet, give your
    followers homework to review old and new school hip hop
    lp’s,albums,artists,producers, etc. Or just recommend albums to us and
    well have a chat room going on. etc.
    I hope survives. Its legendary status is
    legit,respected,and you guys kick knowledge.
    thank you for your time.

  • mgeeze says:

    Dear Pizzo,
    Its been said by many..we love this site
    It has everything..great music old and new..
    I am sorry to see you go, there are no will be making positive strides in your life, you know you only get do you and make yourself proud.
    That said, I want this site to live another 20 if there was a vote for the continuation, i would vote for a moderator.
    qualifications, must love hip cheesy shit

    take care and always do you..

  • srm says:

    I’d hate to see the site go away as I’ve been visiting for well over a decade. I think I remember reading about Eminem on here before he dropped his first record. I still visit daily to get a taste of great music. However, I’m of the opinion if you’re going to completely step away to just close the site. Don’t leave it to the community or even trusted subordinates if you aren’t going to maintain some editorial control over the content. It’s too much of a risk to the name and reputation of HHS. I’ll admit I have no idea where to go to get a taste of real music so the closing of this site would really suck for me, but it’s probably the best option if you’re stepping completely away.

  • Meach says:

    Wow. Say it ain’t so, Pizzo. I grew up on this site.

  • DH20 says:

    Hopefully, you’ll find resolve in knowing that the information you place on this site is important. At 40 years old, this is the only way to keep me attached to the culture, a culture I adhered myself to in 1983. I made my first online music purchase from this site (2002 Little Brother “The Listening” & Kelis “Wanderland”) Please reconsider leaving.

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