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by Pizzo
16 February, 2012@12:53 pm

Sean pays homage to his hometown hero on this freestyle from the original Donuts instrumentals:

In honor of J. Dilla being one of the most influential producers of all time, I decided to lay a verse to one of my favorite tracks off of J. Dilla’s Donuts. Being from Detroit I feel I have a responsibility to honor his legacy n continue it in my own way. His soul will live forever… RIP J. Dilla

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1 Responses to "Big Sean – “Two Can Win” (prod. J. Dilla)"
  • Are Double says:

    In addition to the verse being tepid, it’s corny that whoever did “layout” blatantly ripped off Fucked Up’s “Year of the Tiger”. The record’s been out for, what, ten minutes?

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