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16 February, 2012@6:28 pm

Update: This was originally posted at 10 PM pst last night. Since then, 65 posts have gone up in an effort to get caught up from the last few days. Here it is up top for those that missed it last evening.

Dear heads,

First off, I want to say thanks for the overwhelming response to my last post, about moving on from the site. I thought about this a lot over the last few days, and am happy to say that HipHopSite.Com is here to stay. And I’m still involved 100%.

No, there’s no big financial backer to come in and save the day, and no, I didn’t change my mind about getting the users more involved. I think it’s just time to rethink a few things about how the site is run, and what we can all do to improve upon it.

My passion for hip-hop has not disappeared, it’s still there – and I know this sounds crazy – but a big part of me wanting to stick around has to do with the Gangrene LP. Listening to this album made me realize that I do still care deeply for this art form (when it’s good!), and judging from your comments, it’s clear that sites like HHS are needed to give albums like Gangrene the proper shine. Keep in mind I wrote that last article after watching Nicki Minaj at The Grammy’s, which was enough to make anyone in the music industry throw their hands up like “fuck it, I quit.” Heh.

In all seriousness, I started this site because I was tired of watching The Source try to sell me what hip-hop was, while my favorite acts were getting shit on month after month. I didn’t care if it made money, but after a while, it did. And then it became a full-fledged business, allowing me to quit my job and take control of my destiny. I kind of got used to that. Now, I make my living as DJ, but in all honesty I’d love it if I could give my full attention to running HHS, and of course be compensated for doing so. But even if I don’t, I know that my feelings for the site are too strong to let it go. And how could we quit 16 years in, without even reaching a full 20 year run?

So, a couple of things we gotta do to make this happen. First, I’m going to look into possibly turning this into a donation based model. That might allow us to get rid of ads completely, and fund the site purely on user donations. I’m not sure if this is a pipe dream or what, but it is something we will look into over the coming weeks.

Secondly, we’re going to keep this thing alive by getting more of you involved. The dream is to get 10+ daily bloggers posting all day long – basically everyone doing a little bit – so that the workload is lightened and we can focus more time and energy on improving the site and building into a strong, unstoppable model. So, step up front, aspiring bloggers. Anyone interested in joining up, email me at

Finally, we need to increase the numbers. So get out there and starting reposting stuff on Facebook, re-tweeting links, liking our FB fan page, and spreading the word. Because if this does stay as a ad-based business model, we will need the traffic to keep it strong. So the first step is right here.

My next order of business will be to finish that Blog So Hard: The 25 Greatest Mixtape Bangers of 2011 mix for you guys that have been waiting for it, which I hope to have ready by the end of next week. This project almost got cancelled with the dissolution of the site.

But first, I have a few days of blog posts to get caught up on.

Let’s go to work.

P.S. – And I’m still trying to get this damn label off.

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35 Responses to "Rap Is Here To Stay"
  • Jeff 413 says:

    Wow – guess I gotta check out that Gangrene album –

    Great news, I’ve been down for a long time.

    I still remember getting my first order in the mail some 12 years ago or so – a box stuffed with records with a sticker on it and leading the list of those records was Peanut Butter Wolf’s “my vinyl weighs a ton” which I have to give you and HHS 100% credit for turning me on to. At the time I really had no idea what I was listening to, but as it turns out to this day, that record and many others along the way have really molded my musical mind. And I think I’ve been on the right track the whole time – filled with early recordings of epic, important artists like J-Live, Madlib, MF Doom, Arsonists, All Natural, shit even Eminem and Kanye West at one point – the list goes on , which I wouldn’t have known existed ( at that point) if it weren’t for Hip Hop site.

    Not one of my friends or family are anywhere close to the hip hop head that I am, my little part of Massachusetts is not exactly the hip hop capital of the world or anything. But this site and online community filled with hip hoppers who feel the same way I do has become a huge part of my daily routine and sort of my underground hip hop island. This music is a huge part of my life and It’s good to know I’m not alone, and I’m glad to know it’s going to continue for now. Thanks for everything over the past 15+ years..

    Anyone else ever wake up in the morning and rap every word to ATCQ’s “The Hop” in the shower? There’s something wrong with me, but it feels so good.

  • hallewud says:

    This is good news! Happy to read this.

  • Pdubb2k says:

    Hey Pizzo, glad you decided to stick around. I was gonna call you out and tell you that you aren’t allowed to quit until Detox comes out. Glad you’re sticking around.

    And yes, that Gangrene album is absurd. I never would have known about and bought it without this site.

  • D says:

    glad you changed your mind, i believe hhs has so much potential to still thrive. if i may offer some humble suggestions? if at all possible, i would love to see the layout of the website be revamped. something fresh and futuristic with a minimalistic design. i really enjoy hip hop dx layout, it definitely engages the reader. maybe some readers would want to help re-design it, like a contest ? i think you had something there, with user inputed entries and blogging. personally i would like to be able to search for an artist by name, and see the reviews hhs has done with ability to see youtubes, or hear songs.. with links to their bandcamps for the independent artists. and i would love to see hhs grow in the direction of being more of a urban lifestyle site…. hip hop culture is strong and heads are smart and nerdy, i would love to see more blogging about techie news (computers, gaming, gadgets) to street art and street gear. Also blogging about european, and spanish hip hop like dela and bocafloja etc. anyway.. maybe im asking too much and just dreaming…. but i think hhs could really flourish, getting some dedicated users to help out!

  • Dayz says:

    Word! Pizzo I truly appreciate this turn of events, it’s been quite an emotional roller coaster these past few days… HHS I knew would never die… As I read your post, and I’m writing this, I am playing my friend the Gengrene V&A LP. With my limited free time I had already listened to this LP 30x all the way through! It has truly insprired me and damn it feels good to hear a truly “Classic” Hip Hop LP!!! I want to contribute and would welcome the responsibility of helping this site succeed and florish! HHS been down since 1996, perhaps the best year in the Hip Hop, so I will always do my part to keep that energy and times alive… Again a thank you to you Pizzo and everyone involved with HHS!

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