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6 Responses to "ABN Renegadez – “Lights Off” (feat. Freeway) (Video)"
  • yungplex says:

    All muthafucin ready!

  • Dayz says:

    mmm… Cheesy keyboard synths and that fast hi-hat crap I can’t stand… Hate this production sound. Seriously if you tried to pass off beats like this back in the 90′s you would have got laughed out the room or your ass kicked! Seriously though it disgusts me that production has devolved with time! Well I guess that is Hip Pop… SMDH…

  • yungplex says:

    Shiiiit,ABN been fly. Boys on here thumb thuggin when they mention Trae getin his ass beat over this. Check his stats before you run your trap. Trae one of the only “new artist” keepin it gangsta.(ie knocking ish talkers out at the ozone awards & earning the key to his city for his fund raising for Katrina victims) Real wreckonize real and the fake go fade away down here. Trae go keep the ear of the streets independent of cats that pop that “seriously” ish.

  • Dayz says:

    I wasn’t even speaking on the emcees all I was saying is that the production is horrible and not that many years ago no artist would touch a beat that sounded so amateurish. Seriously though this kind of beat is absolutely horrible sounding and is way too simplistic and sounds like it was made on a 80′s casio $50 keyboard. This beat probably took 5 minutes to cut and paste together on fruity loops.

  • zzubtone says:

    “keepin it gangsta” does not necessarily mean keeping good music going. it just means “keepin it gangsta”. loads of ppl keeping it gangsta without being involved in music. As long as there’s poverty in the cities there’s gonna be gangstas, they aint gonna die out. When you pass 30 years old, you just dont give a f about if mf are keeping it real/gangsta. Thats the last thing on your mind, all that matters is you and what you’re into, how you can better yourself…

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