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Styles of Beyond’s Reseda Beach has been in the works since 2007, the follow-up to their last LP, Megadef. After a short stint with Mike Shinoda’s Fort Minor project, the project has been in development for years now, having tracks recorded with Celph Titled, RZA, Apathy, Micheal Buble (!), and Holly Brook (aka Skylar Grey) in the can. While it is uncertain whether or not this is the same album that was recorded during those sessions, or if they have fine-tuned it for a 2012 release, Ryu announced on Twitter today that it will be released within the next two months via Celph Titled’s Dirty Version Records.

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6 Responses to "Styles Of Beyond “Reseda Beach” Cover Artwork"
  • Dayz says:

    YES!!! Finally!!! Styles of Beyond might be my favorite rap duo ever and I’ve be jonesin’ for this since Rocket Surgery (original name for this LP) was announced back in like 2006! I spoke to Ryu last fall and asked him, as I am sure he’s been asked a million times, when if ever they are just gonna release this to the fans even though we all know S.O.B. is done and over? He said that I would have to ask Cheapshot if he was gonna put it got but he said just enjoy Razor Tag cause that was basically the LP. I really hope he isn’t messing around and Reseda Beach does finally drop. I am sure it’s gonna be bonkers! Most anticipated LP in my world, this was my Detox, I figured it was never gonna happen!

  • Ben Chiefin says:

    Can’t wait for this. The mixtape was a classic to me.
    Demigodz son!

  • I like the ill T&C surf concept on the artwork not sure how popular this was else where but here in Cali everyone rocked T&C shit even the cholos around the way.

  • Dayz says:

    @Normont yo man I live in Delaware and that gear was all over the place especially at the beaches of course. I still got all the old stickers, still got the old NES game too, remember that???

  • Dayz says:

    Ryu confirmed on twitter that the LP will be exactly as it was from 2007 except they left off the RZA produced song Don’t Feel Bad. That’s cool to me cause that song leaked years ago so I listened to it a million times already. I am so stoked for this LP! Crazy thing is Ryu thinks it’s lame now. As an artist I understand how your own material gets dated and old to you. I mean whenever I finish recording an LP I am so bored of those songs I don’t even wanna hear it for a couple years. But the thing is nobody has heard Reseda Beach and just cause he’s moved on all the fans are gonna love this like it was 2007! This LP finally getting released is the best news of the year for me hands down!

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