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8 March, 2012@4:34 am

J Niice of B96 talks with Freeway about Islam for Gowhere Hip Hop at the Gowhere Hip Hop offices in Chicago.

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2 Responses to "Freeway Talks Islam With GWHH"
  • zzubtone says:

    its great how hiphop can embrace all religions. that simple fact shows that hiphop is actually beyond religions. Hip hop doesnt teach fear from some judge up in the sky for example. God-fearing is a strange concept. Blah blah blah i know the story i read the qu’ran 3 times. But really man, what KRS One teaches for example, is way beyond judeo-christian stuff. For real. Truth is a pathless land. Belief is denial of truth.

  • proof21 says:

    zzubtone , krs ONE has skillz on the mic, but most of the stuff he says is just new age hip hop garbage, a collection of ideas that in no way would work in the real world. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are divine religions, Islam being the only one that hasn’t been manipulated by the hands of men. And all three have had functioning societies built around them. Even DNA has structure, math has structure, life has structure, if there was no intended path, think about unjust and chaotic that would be, nothing would function. Sometimes I think KRS One just likes the sound of his own voice.

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