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6 Responses to "Mac Miller – “Of The Soul (Remix)” (feat. Posdnous + Raekwon)"
  • Dayz says:

    You all know I am a huge Mac Miller fan and hate all you want but this song has to hush the haters cause WOW with these two legends on the mic with him, classic material. That’s shows the strength and respect this cat has from other artists. De La and Wu-Tang? Enough said…

  • Unlike Dayz I am not a fan of Mac but I am neither a hater, I must say though that if I had a teenage son/daughter and they listened to this I wouldn’t be mad at them at all.

  • I must say though just cause he got OG’s on a track dont really mean shit cause even Ice Cream face guy got Kweli and Copywrite to do a “track” with him.

  • Dayz says:

    @Normont I hear ya man and I totally get why people aren’t a fan of his. I just look at all these teenage emcees coming up and how horrible the scene is becoming and he is the only one I have heard really carrying the torch for real Hip Hop music. He knows the history and respects his elders. We don’t seem to get that from any of these other new schoolers. He might have the mentality of a teenager and that reflects in his rhymes so yes being as old as I am I can’t really relate anymore but I respect him and his passion for the culture. He also sounds genuine and coming from the soul, no frontin’ as far as I see, just good ol’ fashion fun rhymes so for that I am a huge fan.

  • khordkutta says:

    cosign one hunnid dayz

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