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14 March, 2012@2:13 pm

The latest video from Danny Brown’s acclaimed “XXX” (named Best Rap Album Of The Year by Spin), out now on Fool’s Gold. Directed by Alex/2tone.

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10 Responses to "Danny Brown – “Radio Song” (Video)"
  • Model Citizen says:

    Anyone who doesn’t like “XXX,” should check out “The Hybrid” the mixtape before “XXX.” It’s a lot more pallatable if you want something a little less out there. I really like “Black and Brown” too even though it’s short and randomly thrown together. He kinda has tendency too crank the parrot voice up to 10 lately and kick less technical rhymes over weird minimalist beats which I’m not as into. However when you hear those songs between some of his better ones they start to grow on you in a weird way.

  • Huey says:

    @Model Citizen… I’m gonna’ check “The Hybrid” tonight, and give it an objective listen… You guys are ALWAYS on point with recommendations, and that’s why I REALLY appreciate the posters @ HHS… We’re basically all a like-minded group… No Pop, just REAL Hip-Hop… On another note all together, since the ONLY thing we appreciate about Nicki Minaj is her, uhh… Assets… I wanted to get you guys opinion on this:

  • Dayz says:

    Cool guys well I check out some more of his material. I hate to hate on an artist but so far what I have heard has just irked me.
    @Huey, Cot Damn! In the words of that classic Beastie Boy song: “What’s another word for pirate treasure? Well I think it’s booty, buh buh booty. That’s what it is!”

  • Model Citizen says:

    @Dayz, as much as I like Danny Brown, he is one of those polarizing artists. I can see why some people just can’t get into him at all, but at the same time, I enjoy many of the things people hate on him for. To each their own. I remember back when I first heard MF DOOM, his voice bugged the shit out of me. I was like “damn, put a little feeling into it!” Now his monotone flow is part of his charm for me. Danny Brown’s off kilter style has a similar effect on me.

  • Stroydnaire says:

    @Dayz, Danny Brown aka the Hybrid has two totally different styles. He has this nasal flow and a normal flow that i think you’ll enjoy more. XXX (2nd album) is not as good as the “Greatest Rapper Ever”. Listen to that album to get a better understanding of his talents. I’m an old school Hip hop head but Danny’s delivery has grown on me. Peace.

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