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?uestlove recently spoke on the status of Jay Electronica’s long-awaited Roc Nation debut LP, Act II. He reports that the album is done, and that it is Jay-Z’s favorite LP of 2012, yet it has “no singles” to help push it. Listen below….

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LISTEN: Questlove Says Jay Electronica’s Album Is Done

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6 Responses to "Questlove Says Jay Electronica’s Album Is Done"
  • Dayz says:

    I call fail on Jay Electronica on this! You might think I was gonna say Jay-Z but it was Electronica’s dumb ass fault for signing to Roc Nation! Jay doesn’t care about art anymore he only cares about money it’s obvious by his dumbed down lyrics of late. Also he raped J. Cole of all his soul with that sh!tty LP he, now I see, forced him to write. Singles? Electronica isn’t a radio single type of emcee. He should have known himself and what Roc Nation was going to expect. He should have gone indie… Smh… So now the LP will never come out, he’ll get pissed and leave the label or worse yet he’ll write some generic Hip Pop whack sh!t to appease Jay-Z and the label and his LP will be tarnished artistically… If that happens I know I won’t buy it just like I boycotted J. Coles LP, I heard it and it was all garbage!

  • Da Commanda says:

    Meh…wasn’t highly anticipated anyway…he can rhyme, but he’s a worse weirdo than Nas…

  • Model Citizen says:

    Yeah, I don’t really know why anyone would expect Jay Electronica to make singles. There’s nothing about his style that would work on the radio.

  • Skins says:

    Singles doesn’t necessarily mean club/bounce tracks totally dumbed down for a disloyal audience. Exhibit C did amazingly well considering the type of track it was, that being raw, real hip hop. Remember, even Mos Def had to make Ms. Fat Booty to push that album, and that song is dumb hot considering it’s a ‘party’ track. I can see Electronica making a super deep, introspective album that is next level but has nothing to hook in new fans, which is a problem regardless of an artist being indie or mainstream. I liked J. Cole’s album, but there were some very unnatural moments on it, which were clearly the radio tracks. But I can see a willingness from Cole to do it that I don’t see from Jay Elect. This is his profession, and he did sign with a major label run by a guy who has certainly, and even acknowledged that he has dumbed down records to make money, so for better or worse there will be that expectation to make some accessible records. But I actually have faith it can be done by finding a middle ground that allows Jay Elect to maintain his style and stay in his comfort zone while boosting the mass appeal without trying to pander to the 15 year old suburban girl market. At least I hope so. I’m continuing to go on record saying this album will be worth the wait.

  • Model Citizen says:

    @Skins, I see what you’re getting at but I don’t think the type of person that would buy a Jay Electronica album has any hope to hear a “single.” I don’t think the type of person who would buy a record hoping to hear a “single” is going to buy a Jay Electronica record. The worst thing that he can do is sit on this and let his buzz fade. He hasn’t been dropping tracks as frequently as he used to, probably because he’s been working on the record, but he needs to keep his buzz strong before the fickle fans start to quit caring like they have with somebody like Papoose. In this day and age singles like “Ms. Fat Booty” are anomalies in my opinion. Every once in a while a song that doesn’t fit the mold blows up but it’s kinda rare and I don’t think you can necessarily plan it. Mass appeal in hip hop generally means the 15 year old suburban girl market or the clubs. I do agree that this record will probably be worth the wait, he’s an artist that deserves all the hype that surrounds him.

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