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Featuring Hopsin, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Future, and Danny Brown.

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4 Responses to "XXL 2012 Freshman Cyphers (Video)"
  • D Durb says:

    Is it ok to say they wack bitch/whose jeans tighter Kels or that permed black chic/nah, bwahahahahahahha, but fo real/these rappers ain’t built flow tough/take it back/ Danny can kill/with his nuts hugged/ain’t nothin I sweat!/grown, dick up/science ain’t nutting/busted all kids up/3 gems/never sew my testies up!/it’s my country/ so I guess I’m built jew tough! I’m wack I’m wack

  • Really from this only impressed with Hopsin and Roscoe Dash.

  • Teletran1 says:

    brown and
    Hopsin murdered this!!

  • Skins says:

    Did the first guy above really bust out a keystyle? Did I wake up in ’01 again? I gotta work on that….anyway, good thing Action Bronson didn’t make the list after all, he’s very good and I wouldn’t have wanted him to ruin the consistency of not good here.

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