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29 March, 2012@12:44 pm

Cage tells us: When I saw this movie in 2010 I was delighted. i wrote this during the credits to the music in the credits. This movie should win an Oscar IMO.

We, on the other hand, don’t recommend A Serbian Film. They fuck a baby, for crying out loud. Til it dies.

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13 Responses to "Cage – “I Saw A Serbian Film”"
  • isaac says:

    I remember when Cage used to actually be a pretty dope rapper. haven’t listened to his shit in years cuz dude just got waaaaaay too fucking weird for me. but uhh, keep doing your thing I guess.

  • Skins says:

    Oh. So he’s going to go overboard in trying to reclaim the “edge” he used to have? Good luck to him.

  • Model Citizen says:

    I’m happy to see Cage at least resembling the artist he used to be. The new tracks he’s dropped recently seem like a natural progression from his old shit. I’m just going to pretend “Depart From Me” and that equally terrible ep he did never happened. “Hell’s Winter” wasn’t like his old shit either but at least it was good record.

  • WTF says:

    So this dude promotes films where they rape babies. No wonder his career is in the toilet. You listen to this shit, you support baby raping. Dude is fucking wack. Word.

  • Model Citizen says:

    Hmmm…so if you listen to a dude who likes a movie where a baby is raped that means that you, the listener, are actually in support of real people raping real babies? By that logic everyone who likes any horror movie supports real people carrying out the plot. Seems pretty fucking ignorant to me. Fiction is fiction. Word.

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