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29 March, 2012@12:44 pm

Cage tells us: When I saw this movie in 2010 I was delighted. i wrote this during the credits to the music in the credits. This movie should win an Oscar IMO.

We, on the other hand, don’t recommend A Serbian Film. They fuck a baby, for crying out loud. Til it dies.

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13 Responses to "Cage – “I Saw A Serbian Film”"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    LOL @ “WTF” , so does that mean if you listen to just about any rap you support Drug Dealing, cause I dont support drug dealing, a bunnch of bottom feeders selling poison to somebodies mother because there too pathetic to make a real living……. Guess I better throw out my scarface DVD and 75% of all rap music

  • Da streetz says:

    Regardless, of film the track is tight.

  • Dayz says:

    I went to imdb to see what this movie was about. Watched the trailer and gotta say it is serioulsly disturbed. Any one who makes and/or watches movies this disturbing are definitely sick to some degree themselves. In no way should this movie be watched or praised as art. So I will not be listening to anymore of his music. FYI I dig horror movies but the kid stuff is over the line from entertainingly gross to despicable. Just my opinion if y’alls still dig his music that’s cool I just choose to boycott him.

  • Model Citizen says:

    I haven’t seen this particular movie, but horror films are like porn. Watching some regular slasher shit is like watching missionary sex. If horror movies don’t venture into legitimately disturbing territory then they don’t provoke any kind of emotion. A film like this is supposed to disturb. You can’t make a blanket statement like “Any one who makes and/or watches movies this disturbing are definitely sick to some degree themselves.” Examining the darkest most fucked up parts of mankind through film doesn’t mean that the film maker or the viewer is deriving any sick pleasure from it.

  • Dayz says:

    @Model Citizen I totally hear you but I just don’t see the need to visualize such dark deep disturbing behavior possible of the human mind. Just because sick and twisted things like necrophilia and pedophilia exist in our world doesn’t mean we need to explore it and make movies about it. It’s one thing for psycologists to study this behavior to try to understand mankinds minds and the ability to carry out heinous acts but come on a slasher flick is one thing this is just too much… Wow getting a bit deep on a hip hop discussion page… My bad it’s just the baby scene just struck a nerve… I guess i am a bit hypocritical though I mean I just watched Hobo With a Shotgun last weekend and in that movie a dude rolled onto a school bus with a blowtorch and barbecued all the kids!

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