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Immortal Technique speaks on the tragic death of teenager Trayvon Martin with the folks at AHH.

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3 Responses to "Immortal Technique Speaks Out For Trayvon Martin"
  • brian says:

    I am shocked and appalled! This hoodies for Trayvon has gotten out of hand. I am starting to think that some people don’t even understand what the hoodies symbolize. The right is trying to demonize Trayvon and portray him as a thug, the left is trying to portray him as a saint who never did anything wrong. And a whole different group of people are just…..well, confused, because this is the oddest group of people who I never would have suspected to wear a hoodie (WARNING, if you don’t have a sense of humor please don’t look)

  • Tom says:

    Stopped listening about 2:30 into it. Zimmerman was detained and questioned at the police station after the shooting. Also, Immortal you want the answer on why things ended up the way they were? This wasn’t a normal ass shooting. This man didn’t deny he shot somebody. He was the one who called the police. Most people don’t call the police on themselves when they have murdered somebody. Also, he claimed prior to the shooting that he felt Trayvon looked like he was on drugs. Nobody had any suspicion on Zimmerman being on drugs. That doesn’t even matter. Details are still unfolding, but what it sounds like is, Zimmerman was following somebody and bothering somebody who he had no business following (even if he is part of the neighborhood watch and there were recent break ins). Trayvon at some point kicked Zimmerman’s ass for following him (or maybe even trying to stop him, we don’t know) But the only witness who saw the scuffle saw Zimmerman on the bottom getting beat up. The screams everybody though was originally Trayvon, was Zimmerman. If somebody would have responded to his cries of help, maybe this could have been prevented. Anyhow, during the scuffle Zimmerman shot Trayvon. Zimmerman is an asshole for following him and deserved to get his ass beat, but sometimes when you beat somebody’s ass, they might up you on. We’ll all find out soon enough. Until then, none of us were there and the media has handled this situation disgusting and has attempted to stir up some race shit.

  • PsycoPat says:

    Too bad you stopped listening at 2:30. You would’ve heard a thoughtful analysis on myriad of issues that go far beyond this unfortunate situation, by a man who if you knew anything about him has earned more than 2:30 of your attention for the way he has spoken and acted on countless social issues besides this one…

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