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25 April, 2012@6:33 pm

This will work greater for his campaign than all the mud-slinging the other side can muster.

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4 Responses to "Obama & The Roots Slow Jam The News"
  • pthemt says:

    Obama drops his mic at the end… awesome. haha

  • Tom says:

    This is extremely not funny. Thank God I’m not missing out from not watching TV anymore. Also, college is a fucking scam.

  • zzubtone says:

    the whole goddamn world is a scam and diseased and obama is making it worse. look at all these fools applauding this bytchasss zyonistassskisser smh. Wipe the smile and hypocrisy off your face, you actor. After all the wars, broken promises, corruption, and zyonistassskissing, people still support this whoreslave like everythings OK ? He aint no leader. He is there to f us. Idiots support idiots. How can ppl into hiphop (which is the language of reality and truth) still support this fascist “being”. Shame on you fakeasssses whoever you be…Roots = sellouts.

  • Millie says:

    The Roots should be ashamed for shilling on this Student Loan Forgiveness Act. Here’s why:

    1st: 85% of people attending online university diploma mills are receiving Stafford Loans which the “schools” help get from the government. These educations are worthless and none of these people are going to be able to get jobs that they wouldn’t get with a highschool education. You think they aren’t going to end up defaulting on these loans? It’s called a bubble.

    2nd: The lower interest rates aren’t going to save students money, the schools will now just be able to charge more. This is how education and healthcare work. Education coast have increased at 5x the rate of currency inflation over the past 25 years. Why?

    3rd: This bill isn’t lowering interest rates for current students. It’s actually a bank bailout. The government (the taxpayers) is buying the current student loan debt from the banks and they’re paying the hundreds of billions of dollars from the “overseas contingency operations” budget (that’s the new name for “the war on terror”). It’ll be easier to get more of that once we start some wars. Also, if you serve for 10 years the government will pay off the loan for you.

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